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Public-Supported Health Care Has Worked for You, Joe Lieberman


USAsleeve“. . . individual senators being able to hold up legislation, which in a sense is an extension of the filibuster . . . it’s just unfair.” Joseph Lieberman, 1994

Following is a letter we’ve faxed and mailed to the WDC office of Senator Joseph I. Lieberman. (We tried faxing to his Connecticut office, too, but it wouldn’t go through. It turns out that, according to an aide in his office, his fax machine in Hartford is set up to not receive faxes from states other than Connecticut. Now, we have faxed to congressmen’s offices all across this great land, and this is a first. So, Lieberman’s WDC fax # 202-224-9750 will have to suffice. Phone # 202-224-4041.)

Please Vote for Cloture: Don’t Block Public Option

Senator Lieberman:

Your indication that you may join Republicans in filibustering a Senate bill with a (rather mild) public option has provoked outrage across the nation, and your reputation is not bearing up well. Your opposition is not a matter of fiscal prudence—you’re pretty clearly serving the insurance and drug firms that have contributed so richly to your campaigns.

Senator, this is a time when the people of your state—of your nation—need you more than Aetna and Glaxco do. How are you helping the 343,000 uninsured in Connecticut—10% of the population? What about the millions who are “insured” but unsatisfied with (or abused by) their private policy, struggling to pay the escalating premiums or being driven into bankruptcy? Do you really think you’d be reelected when 68% of your state’s voters preferred a public option and you helped kill it? Big Pharma won’t be able to help you then.

Mr. Lieberman, all we are asking is that you join Democrats in voting for cloture. Then when it gets to the floor you can vote nay, if you must. You have opposed filibusters in the past, even on matters you later voted against. Weren’t you a member of the Gang of 14? Didn’t you sign a pledge that you would only use the filibuster in “extraordinary circumstances”?

Sir, the public option is not “a new entitlement program” (as you claimed on Fox). It is not going to “make the debt go higher” (as if you were so concerned about deficits when voting for tax cuts or war funding). The CBO finds that the public option would actually reduce the deficit—especially with reimbursement based on Medicare rates.

. . . Please, don’t stand in the way. After all, hasn’t public-supported health care has served you pretty well these past few decades? Think of all the people who have nothing—aren’t they among the people you’re paid to represent?

Praying you’ll do the right thing, after all,

(etc., etc.)

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