How To Help

Photo by Alan Chin

Photo by Alan Chin

Here’s How You Can Help

There’s always the Red Cross, but for more direct aid, we recommend local and grass-roots groups, some of which are listed here at the right. These people are on the ground helping feed and clean and rebuild. Second Harvest Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity are among the best. And the Fraternal Order of Police appreciates contributions for the dozens of officers of the NOPD and Harbor Police who lost their homes. The New Orleans Public Schools can use donations of books, computer equipment, and other supplies. The Louisiana Department of Education and the Mississippi Department of Education can also guide contributions and relief efforts.

The recovery will take many years, so please remember to give periodically to these charitable organizations, and don’t let Washington or the news media forget.

Relief, Recovery, and Social Justice Organizations

Let the Networks Hear from You.

WRITE, phone, and e-mail the major network news teams and urge them to keep their cameras and reporters focused on personal stories about people’s continuing need for greater federal and state assistance. (Brian Williams and Martin Savidge of NBC and Anderson Cooper of CNN have been exemplary.) And don’t forget to say thanks for a job well done.

Photo by William Greiner

Photo by William Greiner

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