Katrina Photographs, Films, and Videos


Infrastructure Reading Room

It’s Time to Rebuild America
Felix Rohatyn and Warren Rudman’s plan for spending more—and wisely—on our decaying infrastructure

ASCE Report Finds U.S. Infrastructure in Dire Straits
Levees graded D- | $2.2 trillion needed over next 5 years

Investing in America’s Infrastructure: Putting People to Work, Restoring Optimism
Senators Dodd and Hagel sponsor bill for national infrastructure bank | Bob Herbert, NYT

Conservative Columnist David Brooks Calls for ‘Long-Term Investment’ in U.S. Infrastructure
National Mobility Project for economy, energy, transportation

Infrastructure, Baby, Infrastructure!
Federal government should go on spending spree | Not a time for budget balancing | Joe Conason @ Salon

Paul Krugman: A Good Time for Infrastructure Spending
‘Now is not the time to worry about the deficit.’

Infrastructure Bank Plan Gaining Attention and Momentum
Elana Schor @

Public Works: When ‘Big Government’ Plays Its Role
FDR had it right, creating jobs and serving the greater good | by Adam Cohen, NYT

Greening Our Infrastructure
Public works program should help reduce reliance on automobiles

(video) Rachel Maddow: Tax Cuts Before Infrastructure (Again?!)
Rachel talks to Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR), defender of infrastructure spending

Iraq War Resource Center

War Torn | NYT special series
121 cases of U.S. vets charged with killing(s) after return from Iraq/Afghan wars

Casualties of War: Faces of the Dead
Stories of 3,925+ U.S. soldiers who have died in Iraq War (NYT)

(video) ‘Bush’s War,’ by Frontline (PBS)
Epic 2-part series on how the Iraq War began and how it has been fought—in Iraq and in the U.S. government

“No End in Sight” (video)
A new documentary about the Iraq War

(video): “One Day of the Iraq War”
The Cost of War: $720 million every day, or $500,000 a minute

Barack Obama: My Plan for Iraq
“It’s time to end this war.” | NYT Op-Ed

Iraq War May Have Increased Worldwide Energy Costs by $6 Trillion
Without Iraq war, says economist, oil would be $40 per barrel | 6X increase since 2002

What Else Could $611 Billion Buy?
Boston Globe finds constructive uses for billions spent on Iraq War

Iraq War Is Killing Our Economy
A review of lost income, jobs, opportunities in a nation facing recession

The War and the Recession
Dean Baker blames housing bubble and Greenspan more than deficit spending on war

U.S. Economy a ‘$3 trillion’ Casualty of War in Iraq
Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz says ‘day of reckoning . . . has now come’ | 5-yr-old war’s cost could exceed WWII’s $5 trillion

(video): $3 Trillion Shopping Spree
By Robert Greenwald/Brave New Films | Can you squander $3 trillion better than President Bush?

The $3,000,000,000,000 War Is a Domestic Issue

Iraq War ‘Caused Slowdown in U.S.’ Says Nobel Prize–Winning Economist
A central cause of subprime banking crisis threatening world economy

U.S. Protests Shrink as Anti-War Sentiment Grows
Infighting, fatigue take toll | “People are tired . . . frustrated . . . they didn’t expect this to go on so long.”

Where Have All the Protests Gone?
Number and magnitude of demonstrations diminishing | By Tom Engelhardt

‘Way of War’ Has Replaced ‘American Way’
Director of ‘Why We Fight’ warns: ‘The forces that control whether we go to war . . . don’t care who’s in the White House.’

(video) “War Made Easy,” narrated by Sean Penn
50 years of gov’t deception + media spin, with archival footage, from LBJ to W

Seymour Hersh: Bush, Cheney Redefine Iraq War as Strategic Battle Between U.S. and Iran
“New Yorker” reports “significant increase in the tempo of attack planning”

‘Keep Elevating the Threat,’ ‘Link Iraq to Iran,’ Advised Rumsfeld
Former SecDef’s ‘snowflakes’ shaped policy | ‘Sacrifice = Victory’

Army Corps of Engineers Restoring Iraqi Wetlands
(vintage news item) | Still waiting for serious U.S. effort for Louisiana’s eroding coastline

There Is No “War on Terror”

The “War on Terror”: A Masterpiece of Propaganda
The fraudulence of the “War on Terror” is visible in the pattern of actions before and after its launch | by Richard W. Behan, AlterNet


(video) When the Saints Go Marching In
By in support of Sen. Chris Dodd’s Gulf Coast Recovery Bill of 2007

(video) Charity Can Be Preserved + Improved
“Renew. Restore. Reopen” says Foundation for Historical Louisiana

(video) WBRZ-TV Report on LSU’s Firing of Ivor Van Heerden
Deputy director of LSU Hurricane Center, critic of Army Corps of Engineers a political liability for state university

(video) Displaced New Orleanians Explain Acute Housing Shortage (NYT)
“Where we supposed to go?”

(video) Rachel Maddow: Does Bush Actually Remember Katrina?
Jed Horne helps correct the record | “Lame Duck Watch” special report

(vintage video) Tim Russert Grills Michael Chertoff on Katrina Response
Watch former DHS secretary sweat while disavowing responsibility

(video) Dr. John Asks for Your Help: “Tell Shell”
Gulf Restoration Network’s message plane flying over Jazz Fest needs your $ help

(video) Naomi Klein Explains “Shock Doctrine,” or Disaster Capitalism
Interviewed by John Cusack for Huffington Post

Scathing Ad Mocks GOP’s Disaster Management Skills
“I don’t think the Founding Fathers put FEMA in the Constitution” | By Accountable

(video) Keith Olbermann’s “Nexus of Politics & Terror” Timeline
How Bush admin. exploits terror threats for political gain, 2002–08


(video) Obama in New Orleans: Rebuilding, Two Years Later
“If we don’t get this right . . . we as a nation have forgotten to look out for one another”

(video) Obama Speaks at Tulane
February 7, 2008

(video) Obama Pledges “Action Now” on Economic Recovery: Jobs, Public Works

(video) Obama speech: Confronting an Economic Crisis
Wall St. woes “final verdict” on failed economic philosophy | Candidate Obama chronicles how he has responded to crisis that McCain has denied

Obama’s Victory Speech (video + transcript)
From Grant Park, Chicago, Nov. 4, 2008

(video) “One Week”: Obama’s Closing Argument
October 27, 2008: “We can’t afford to . . . let up for one day, one minute”

(video) “60 Minutes” Interview with Obama and Biden
Steve Kroft, interviewer | aired Sept. 1, 2008

(video) Obama’s Wesleyan Univ. Commencement Address
On Service to One’s Country | Standing in for Senator Edward Kennedy, “our friend . . . our champion”

Barack Obama: “A More Perfect Union” (video & transcript) 1
Senator’s extraordinary March 18, 2008, speech on race in America