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Reform Healthcare Now with a Public Option: An Open Letter to the Senate Finance Committee

Friday, July 31st, 2009

The following letter has been faxed and mailed to every Democratic member of the Senate Finance Committee, beginning with Senator Max Baucus of Montana, the committee chairman. See below the fold for a list of committee members’ phone and fax numbers.

“I mean, people have access to health care in America.

After all, you just go to the emergency room.”



Dear Senator Baucus:

Please help President Obama reform health care by supporting a strong public option—the best way to expand coverage and control costs. (What we really need is a single-payer system.) Please do not offer any “bipartisan” compromises (don’t drop the public option) to attract Republican support. They only want the Democrats to fail. To hell with ’em. Remember how many Republicans voted for the Stimulus bill? Voters will reward courage on the public’s behalf, but not cautious half-measures. Democrats, stick together.