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The ebook Is Here!

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

The long-awaited “ebook of the dead tree edition”

WFH@AmazonA work of provocative and exhilarating populism . . . The pieces . . . recall Molly Ivins’s puckish cynicism.”Publishers Weekly

Dear Readers:

I am delighted to announce that What Fresh Hell? is now available for Kindle readers: a concise, illustrated ebook (only $7.50) in vivid color, sharp page design, with links to the original blog posts here at Levees Not War.

What Fresh Hell? brings together ten years’ worth of Levees Not War’s best: 66 entries on war and peace, politics and society, infrastructure, and the environment. The New Orleans–dedicated, New York–based blog was launched in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina.

Featuring these old favorites: 

 Is Katrina More Significant Than 9/11?
 “Oil-Spotted Dick”: Cheney’s Oily Fingerprints in the BP Disaster
 Omigod! Infinite Iraqi Freedom! We’re Never Leaving!
 Public Works in a Time of Job-Killing Scrooges
 Supreme Conservatives Drag U.S. Ceaselessly into the (Jim Crow) Past

Click here for a PDF of the Introduction and Contents.

“LaFlaur’s genuine love and concern for the future of Louisiana shines throughout this collection.”Ivor van Heerden, former deputy director, LSU Hurricane Center

“Levees Not War has been a clear, progressive voice of warning and hope for New Orleans and the surrounding region in New York and the world since Hurricane Katrina.”Mark Schleifstein, Pulitzer Prize-winning environment reporter, The Times-Picayune

“Fantastic compilation . . . Levees Not War is one of the best blogs you’ve yet to read, so this collection of greatest hits serves as a perfect introduction. Highly recommended.”Mark Moseley (Your Right Hand Thief, The Lens)

ebook $7.50  |  paperback $14.95 (354 pages, illustrated)

Order the paperback now! Support your local bookseller.
ISBN 978-0988790933 | Mid-City Books (2015, 2016)