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Talk of the Social Contract Should Not Make Rightists Reach for Their Guns

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Daily Kos reports:

After a video of [Elizabeth] Warren talking about the deficit and the social contract went viral last week (see above), Rush Limbaugh, the Fiscal Times and Rich Lowrey all spent time attacking her. Now, Lowrey has decided to spend another column going after her, and places like the Daily Caller and Reason have piled on. There is also this gem from right-wing blog Wizbang:

The Wizbang text reads:

When I hear the word “contract” I [strike-through: reach for my revolver] think of two unique definitions — formally, a legally binding mutual agreement made between two or more parties, or idiomatically, an attempt to hire an assassin to kill one or more of your enemies.

As many readers will recognize,  the “reach for my revolver” line derives from Nazi sources. The phrase “Whenever I hear [the word] ‘culture’ . . . I remove the safety from my Browning!” is usually attributed to Gestapo founder Hermann Goering, though Wikiquote attributes the line to a play by Hanns Johst first performed in April 1933 in honor of Hitler’s birthday.

Is this really the impression Wizbang wants to convey? Should those who think the rich should pay their fair share of taxes fear a right-wing Gestapo? We do not fear.

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