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Scraping Away the Lipstick


LNW_lipstickpigmccainThe clever folks at TalkingPointsMemo.com designed this perky little porker, and now you can buy T-shirts from Zazzle.com by clicking here for women’s and for men’s.


On a slightly more serious note, in “My Fair Veep” New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd poses some questions that ABC’s Charlie Gibson might consider asking in his exclusive, special, prime-time interview with Sarah Palin Friday night. Gibson’s problem, she says, “isn’t coming up with a list of questions, but finding time to drill deeply enough into all the unknown territory of her life. It’s a task that dwarfs the drilling job the oil companies are doing on Alaska’s North Slope.”

Palin horrifies Cintra Wilson, who writes a red-hot rant at Salon titled “Pissed About Palin.” Must-read. Great lines. Palin, she says, is a “Republican blow-up doll,” and, in effect, the lipstick on that party’s “new authoritarianism.” Strong
stuff. Then, to cool down a little, read Gail Collins’s “Misery Loves Democrats.”

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