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‘Change Has Come to America . . . This Is Your Victory’


Celebration in Grant Park, Chicago. BBC photo.

Celebration in Grant Park, Chicago. BBC photo.

Glory hallelujah! are the first two words that come to mind. After eight long years in the wilderness, it hardly seemed possible anymore that such a fine, worthy candidate could win in the United States, especially by such a large margin. And yet over the course of the past year we’ve felt the tide of history moving in a new, more hopeful direction. That new direction was celebrated last night in Grant Park, Chicago, and around the nation and the world.

“. . . two wars, a planet in peril, the worst financial crisis in a century . . .” There is so much difficult work to be done by the next president and his administration, it’s a good thing he is young and energetic—and that he has, as his vice president says, “a spine of steel.” He’s going to need it. It’s a good thing, too, that he has a gift for inspiring exceptional efforts by his staff and supporters.

The nation is in serious need of repair, but we are confident that this new president is the man for the job. His campaign was so professional, so steady and well organized, that we’re confident the new administration will also be well-staffed and efficient. We like having a community organizer as president, especially one who is confident and persistent. His choices for vice president and chief of staff bode well for a productive and businesslike administration.

We also have confidence in this president-elect’s chances of getting legislation through Congress. Not only because of the strong and broad-based electoral mandate for change, and not only on account of his own and his vice president’s familiarity with the ways of Congress, but also because of his cooperative, bipartisan spirit combined with toughness and tenacity. (He has already shown he can work with Republicans such as Indiana Senator Dick Lugar and Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn to pass legislation.)

We’ll have much to say in the days and months to come (especially now that we have a president-elect who has shown a willingness to listen) about the projects and priorities we hope to see enacted, particularly those at the intersection of infrastructure + environment + peace (antiwar).

But for now, we are giving thanks and praying to heaven for the protection and success of the most inspiring president-elect in our lifetimes—one who combines attributes of JFK and FDR. The times demand no less.

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